Founded in 2011 by Dimitri Mussard, Acaju do Brasil has evolved into one of the most influential showrooms in the country, representing and distributing highly regarded international contemporary designers.

Acaju do Brasil emerged when Brazil really became an interesting market for international brands with one of the most promising consumer markets in the world. Seeing a gap in the market created between local brands and top luxury fashion houses, Dimitri Mussard launched this pioneering agency in the domestic market, and in less than a year, has won a solid portfolio of clients among premium fashion brands.

The idea behind this company is to bring to Brazil all those sort of « cool » brands we can find in the top department stores and concept stores worldwide but not in Brazil.

Acaju do Brasil delivers sales, communication and distribution strategies for emerging premium fashion brands. Up to now Acaju do Brasil, who has the distribution exclusivity of its brands, is the only showroom of international brands of the country.